What Medium Haircuts for Fine Hair Will Make You Look Fantastic?

Lots of women prefer keeping their hair at shoulder length, as it’s really difficult to deal with long thin hair. This kind of style is popular among such celebrities as Cameron Diaz, Dakota Fanning, Christina Applegate, Biel, Jessica and many others.

Medium length hairstyles for fine hair would be an excellent solution for those women who want to renew their appearance but try to avoid short haircuts. Different variations of this style can be ideal for giving your face a new feel and look.

The main advantage of medium hair is that you can arrange it daily in an easy way. Apart from that, keeping shoulder length makes your hair look thicker once you create curls and waves. In whole, medium haircuts for fine hair are based on different types of waves, bangs and layers.

Amazing curls

Actually, curly and wavy hairdos can fit any length. This is perfect for those women who would like to get greater volume. You can take a curling iron and easily make some curls yourself. However, you shouldn’t exaggerate with your styling tools, as they could damage your hair. Certainly, you don’t need a fantastic look which harms your hair, right?

In fact, there are various kinds of curls for different amazing medium length hairstyles for fine hair. The main advantage of curly hair is that they provide a softening effect. This option is ideal for softening larger features and stronger lines of oblong and square faces.

Wider and looser curls are considered to be most suitable with shoulder length hairstyles. Not only do they give you the volume you want, but they also emphasize your sensuality and femininity. However, you should keep in mind the shape of your face before you decide what type of curls suits you the best.

Layered medium haircuts for fine hair

A layered hairdo can highlight and accentuate your best facial features. It will prettily frame your face and bring out your eyes and lips. This style allows you to look trendy yet chic, smart yet formal at the same time. You can find a wide variety of images and galleries providing you with different hair dressing alternatives.

Charming layers throughout the entire length will make you look elegant and attractive, whereas the messy texture will show your wild side. Blunt cuts help you get classy look, whereas layered crops radiate more edgy allure.

Bangs look amazing in medium length hairstyles. You can softly drape them to the side and apply a gel or mousse. You can also sweep back your bangs and hold in place with the help of different accessories, such as decorated comb hairband, clips, etc.

How to increase hair volume?

Good medium length hairstyles for fine hair depend on various factors: the texture of your hair, the shape of your face, natural wave pattern, growth patterns, and density of your hair.

You can make your hair look thicker by choosing a timeless bob hairstyle. Define the structure and length of your bob haircut according to the effect you want to create.

Apart from special volumizing shampoos and conditioners, you can also use root lift sprays and hair thickening serums. These products add volume to fine or low density hair and make it look thicker. In case you need a long-term effect, you may consider getting a perm. It’s advisable to have your hair rolled on large rollers or perming rods in order to avoid “kinky perm” effect. As a result, you will get a soft wave that looks fuller.

Hairstyle and face shape

Before you go to the hairdressing salon, you should decide what haircut suits your face shape the best.

  • If your face is square-shaped, you’d better avoid straight medium hairstyles.
  • If you have a round face, let your hair slim down your face. Center parting as well as waves below your chin line will provide length to your face.
  • If you have narrow forehead or wide chin, brush away your locks from the face and wear it full and wide at the top and temples.
  • If you have an angular jaw and wide face, you can emphasize your cheekbones with short layers. Try to soften the angular and sharp jaw line.

How to take care of medium haircuts for fine hair?

Despite the fact that medium length hairstyles for fine hair are easy to manage, you should know how to take proper care of it. Shampoo and oil your hair on a regular basis, use a conditioner for a silky and soft look. Avoid changing your haircut too often, so as ironing, perming and blow drying can cause damage to your hair. Visit a hairdresser every 4 – 6 weeks.

Nowadays a range of different hair care products is available in the market today. It is important to select the one that suits your hair type. Always read the instructions carefully and follow them strictly.

So, go to you stylist today and become irresistible!

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