Trendy Men’s Haircuts Styles

Every man at least once in a lifetime got interested in what is fashionable in hairstyles. What haircut to choose? How will I look with an undercut? Or how will my head change if I cut it too short?

This article is to answer all your questions because we will discuss various options for men’s hairstyles. And we’ll start with haircuts for different hair length.

Short Hairstyles

They have always been and are still very popular among men because of their easiness to look after. Everything you need is to wash your hair regularly.

Total Shave

It is quite popular with the strong half of the humanity especially among those wanting to look brutal and brave. But if your skull is of a wrong shape, this variant is not for you. Look for something else.

Close Shave

It is similar to total shave but the hair is left very short. It is quite popular among military and sports people.

Short Buzz

The name itself points out that the haircut is done using clippers because of the sound. It is similar to close shave but a little longer.


It is undying and eternal. This option is ideal for people of politics, business and social work. The idea is that the sides and the back are cut quite short while the bang is left a little longer. You may brush it to the side or back giving yourself a different look.

Medium Length Hairstyles

They are quite popular nowadays because of their expressiveness and extravagance. They can also hide your flap ears or visually make your face bigger and wider if it is very thin and long.


This hairstyle is gaining more and more popularity among men of art and media. This haircut can be done in various options like a classic bob, graded or long.

Canadian Haircut

This haircut is popular among young men wanting to stand out from the crowd. The main point of it is that the top and bang locks are left quite long and hang all over your forehead adding a creative mess to your image.


This men’s haircut style is for extraordinary and eccentric men who are not afraid to look into other people’s eyes. The sides and the back are cut shorter while the top is left quite long. The longer, the better. It looks cool if your hair is wavy or curly. You will have a romantic image.

Ashton Kutcher Haircut

It is named after this actor because he was the one to promote it for a long time. This haircut makes you look light-minded and easy-going. People will feel free to talk to you.

Brad Pitt Hairstyle

It is also named after its best fan. The chip of this haircut is that the bang is not brushed back or to the side but is raised a bit and separate locks are fixed with hair products to express them.

Asymmetric Haircuts

You have to be quite brave to wear them. But having one you’ll certainly be noticed! One side can be totally shaved while the other is left long. Or both of them can be cut in different lengths. Experiment!

Long Hairstyles

They are not as popular as the previous two but lots of men wear their hair long.

Straight Long Hair

It was popular among hippy but now it can be worn almost by everyone. If you have a business meeting, you’d better wear a pony tail.


They are more popular with black men but can be seen on everyone nowadays. They come in different variants from cornrows to plaits. You are welcome to choose your option.


It is a haircut from 1980s which was very popular at that time. The main pint to remember about this hairstyle is that the hair is cut long at the back but much shorter at the sides.

We hope this article was useful for you. We’ve tried to persuade you that there are lots of options for men. Create and be great!

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