Trendy Men Haircuts

The main peculiarity in this sphere is a return to haircuts of a short version that never goes out of fashion, gaining new sides.

Men, who tend to be conservative, do not have to change their classical style and everybody willing to change the image and the hair will do it without any difficulties. Trendy hairstyles for men in 2013 are both long and ultra-short, because you do not have to sacrifice long hair to create a brand new image. As spontaneity and naturalness are trendy now, long hair and light stubble are welcome. The popularity of these haircuts is easy to understand, because no particular care for it is required, which saves your time a lot.

Everybody knows that short hairstyles look manly and sexy, which especially attracts women. Retro clothing migrated to the fashion in hairstyles. Haircut with short side parts and the back of the head, with a thick top is especially important in the coming year. Its longest part is a bang.

Set it in several ways like these:

  • loosely falling on the face,
  • ruffled by gel
  • lush, laid up in a cocoon
  • combed upwardly from face with dense strands
  • “standing”
  •  free chaotic strands combed back.

If you leave a long bang, you will have more options, brushing your hair backwards, forward or to the side. Amazingly, being mostly popular among young people such bangs gain popularity among middle-aged men.

“Rockabilly” as the hairstyle from the 50s of the last century is popular again.

The volume bangs fall on the forehead.

Creative haircuts for men do not lose their high fashion items. We can recommend you a haircut “Tom Boy” in a tough version. That is hair is cut short at the back of the head, bangs are left long, with slightly ragged tips, combed a little to the side.

Tanks can be pulled down or cut. Such men’s haircuts 2013 fit young men who love to be in the center of attention.

An actual haircut in 2013 is performed on medium length hair, allowing you to produce lots of styles, every time new and original. Medium length hairstyles in 2013 are creative and particularly great, because they can be styled and fixed using a range of hair products, concerning the mood or the upcoming event.

Another haircut which will be popular is open ears and sides of the head with longer hair on the forehead and neck. With styling you can give your hair an artistic mess, stylish and glamorous.

For example, owners of medium-long hair can be offered a sort of “bob” with long bangs to the eyes. Such men’s haircuts for medium hair look good in a slightly careless improvisation, in which the tips of the hair look inside.

The presence of thick bangs from head to one side completes the image of its owner, speaking of his good and solid character, describing him as a romantic and true connoisseur of beauty. If your hair has lost its freshness a little with time after going to the barber, do not worry, as regrown locks are now in fashion and can safely be put to the category of stylish haircuts.

The main thing to remember is that trendy men haircuts in 2013 will not look attractive, if the hair has a bad-groomed appearance.

Classic haircuts “box” and “half box” are also at the height of fashion, because it is the best way to create an image of a confident elegant men.

A careless “ruffled” view of this hairstyle is a real “squeak” of the season.

Those who have problems with hair, to be precise, with its partial absence, may bravely bald their hair, as this haircut is a manifestation of fashion now. A huge number of Hollywood celebrities have these haircuts, and not always because of baldness. Such a haircut gives brutality.

All of the proposed options can be used both by fashionable young men, and men of a more respectable age.

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