Top Trendy Hairstyles for Black Men

What is the first idea that comes to your mind when you hear “hairstyles for black men”?

Maybe this…

or this…

or even this…

But truly Afro American hairstyles have a very wide range of options to choose from. Everything depends on your tastes, mood, clothes, style, etc. Just look and choose what suits you most. We’ll start from the shortest options.

Total Shave

It is not only for black men but for everybody. What is so particular in this hairstyle if so many people choose it no matter what occupation they have got? It can look business like with a suit or sport with trainers.

The best point of having this hairstyle is the minimum of taking care of it. Just wash your head regularly and shave it from time to time.

Close Shave

It is quite popular among celebrities like Will Smith, Ludacris, Ronaldo.

What makes this haircut so popular? First of all, it is easy to look after. It is not a total shave but it is very short and doesn’t take lots of time to wash, brush and style.


It is a little longer than a close shave and looks more like a classic way of styling. It looks good for a business man, a sports person, a singer, a teacher, a doctor, etc.

Low Cut Wave

Lots of black men choose this hairstyle because it can be created only on their hair. Special hats are used to add waves to your cut which makes it different and rememberable.


It is getting its popularity among black men. This hairstyle is got by having your sides and back cut quite short while the top of the head is left long enough.

There are varieties to style the top from having it up to fixing it to either side.


It’s been the only style imaginable for black men for a long time.

Find a family album of about 50 years old and you’ll understand what I am talking about. Now it is the way to express your identity.

Dreads or Braids

Black men like these hairstyles because of the hair texture. It is not easy to get these styles for white men. Black men’s hair is rough enough to get ideal braids. Braids are made using your own hair, adding weaves.

You may want to have cornrows creating different patterns with them or plaits.

Just remember to put a silk scarf on your head when going to bed. This will help you to look cool for a long time and keep your braids in the original state.


Afro American bobs differ from white men’s with their curls. You will look stylish if you let your hair fall in curls. Add some gel to fix them and don’t forget to moisture them regularly.

Look at Eriq la Sall in the movie “Coming to America” and you’ll understand.

Or you may wish to straighten your curls with professional irons.

Graded Haircuts

These are not typical hairstyles for black men. It is more like fashion tribute. Black men’s hair is naturally rough and curly and they specially get it thinned and graded to look trendy.

Before you do this, think whether it’s worth your original gift. Because after you have done it, it will take a long time to get it back.

Long Straight Hairstyle

It is got by growing your hair long enough and straighten it with irons.

It is actually not for business people or sportsmen as your hair will distract you and your clients from what you are doing and it will spoil the impression of you. It is OK for musicians, art people, photographers (people connected with creative jobs). But this hairstyle needs passion and time to look after it. You will always have to use special products to make it shiny.

So, as you can see, there is a lot to choose from. Act!

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