Top Celebrity Haircuts for Men

Not so long ago men mostly did not visit their hairdressers. They did not attach much importance to their haircuts, it was important to be practical. Fortunately, those days are in the past. Today, men have become much more stylish, and the hairstyle is important for them as much as for women.

Despite the fact that only a few stars and models are experimenting with their hair and coloring it as boldly as Jared Leto

recent trends have at last reached red carpets and catwalks. If Johnny Depp prefers long flowing hair, Jude Law and George Clooney prefer very short haircuts. As for a style, there is not the only general trend in international catwalks. The hair may be short, smoothed with gel, made in a grunge style and disheveled. Whatever hairstyle a man has chosen, his looks depend on combing and taking care of it.

This article is like a peep to help you choose what hairstyle is the most popular among celebrities…

Daniel Redcliff has become a star among teenagers.

He chooses mostly short messy haircuts with asymmetric bangs which make his face interesting and rememberable.

Robert Patinson is always changing his image from a messy undercut to a classic haircut.

It doesn’t make him look bad; it just adds mystery and mystique to his appearance.

Taylor Lautner does not betray his short buzz which suits him perfectly.

David Statham appears with a close shave as well which adds courage and a powerful spirit to his image.

Jude Low with his curly locks changes his style from a close shave to a medium length haircut attracting more and more women fans.

Ashton Kutcher’s style is accepted by lots of others and it is even named after him. Long locks are cut in a graded way making a romantic image.

Brad Pitt experimented with his hair for a long time and has grown long hair now.

Johnny Depp is long haired as well. The only difference is that he wears it with a part.

Bruce Willies is not changing his image and has a total shave which looks cool and fashionable.

George Clooney prefers a very short classic haircut as well as Will Smith.

So, and what is happening in the music world?

Justin Timberlake has come out of image of a boisterous guy long ago choosing a classic haircut which adds elegance and sex appeal to his whole image.

Dan Balan prefers a classic hairstyle with an asymmetric bang which he can style in a messy way.

What can’t be said about rock stars like Bryan Adams. His haircut is like his songs – unruly and provoking.

Ludacris is surprising us with his always changing looks from an Afro to a short buzz, from cornrows to a low cut wave.

Francisco Gomez is not giving up his positions in trends and has changed his image from a curly bob to a curly undercut which makes him look stylish.

Adam Lambert is famous for his outrageous and flamboyant style. It is something average between an undercut and a shaggy haircut with spiky top locks.

Sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Andrei Arshavin choose short hairstyles but add some creativity by using long locks at the back or an asymmetric bang.

The Klichko brothers tend to have the same haircut for a long time preferring a short buzz which can be explained by the activity they do.

David Villa and Neymar prefer Mohawk style which doesn’t distract them from perfect performance.

Officials like Barak Obama or Prince Charles choose conservative business like haircuts to present their serious attitude to life.

So, there is a lot to choose from celebrity haircuts for men. Fashion is multi-faced and you will certainly find your personal image!

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