Top Black Natural Hairstyles

A dark-haired woman is like black coffee, hot and alluring, slightly bitter, burning, with a unique flavor… once you’ve tried her, you will never change her for anything else.

Long and medium length black natural hairstyles

But there comes time when hair becomes dull and unattractive. If a brunette wants to change her hairstyle, she has a plenty of options available. Factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle are, of course, your face shape, hair texture, and the amount of effort on the daily care of it. If you have thin hair and facial features are not inclined to curl, then the best option that does not require a lot of effort, is a haircut with long straight hair.

Although the tail is often considered a relaxed and not a serious hairstyle, this simple haircut can add a sophisticated look. Even if you are going to the gala evening, it will be relevant. Despite the fact that it is also worn by both children and young people, if you curl it a little or vice versa smoothly straighten it, it will look stunning!

The main thing is to have thick hair; otherwise, it will look ridiculous.

With the help of a stylist every brunette can choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the head and eyebrows, hair undertone, oval face and height, therefore, strengthening their strong position in the assessment of women’s features.

A girl with curly hair and large features should better choose medium length hairstyles that will require a little more care.

Long or short, with or without bangs, brunettes have a variety of attractive hairstyles to choose from. Hairstyles are a great way to express yourself, and the best hairstyle is the one that makes a person feel better.

This season stylists have not prepared anything special for brunettes. Both long and short hair is popular, the shape of which also plays a special role. But fashion shows popular asymmetrical haircuts, or forms, with strict geometric shapes.

Geometric cut brings a catchy look to your image.

The main trend of autumn is naturalness, make-up and locks should not obscure the face, accessories can be used, but in moderation, for example, various ribbons and flowers.

Even small accessories can change the look of your everyday hairstyle, but it is important to know the measure.

The first step in choosing a hairstyle is to consider the length and structure of hair. Today there is a variety of short hairstyles in fashion, and even with such a short length of hair you can create beautiful styles.

Short black natural hair styles

Bob is still popular whether your hair is short or long, it can change your image and add more mystery to your eyes.

The famous brunette Coco Chanel was the fan of this haircut, who often changed it to “square”. This haircut gives elegance and fragility to the image of a woman; it is practical and is the basis for different styling, both for short and long, straight, wavy or curly hair.

If you have thin hair, you may level it up with mousse.

or make it stick out to add a boyish look.

The classic “square” has been in fashion for several decades. It was created in ancient Egypt, and Cleopatra was its fan, which pushed the rapid spread of this style throughout the world. When it was created, the hair was cut in a straight line at the ears on the fringe of the eyebrows. Modern ladies wear smooth and graded “square”. This haircut is one of the most elegant, which combines elegance and simplicity.

Pixie is also OK for black-haired women. It is easy to set and wear. Your hair will always look elegant.

Shaggy will add casualness to your image. It is the best variant of a natural hairstyle for unmanageable hair. Just add some gel or mousse and style your hair in a casual and messy way.

A very popular hairstyle nowadays for dark-haired women is an asymmetrical hairstyle. Trendy and bold, asymmetrical haircuts gained popularity very quickly. They are also suitable for those who wish to stand out from the crowd, and for those who simply want to dramatically change their image. Many stylists recommend stopping your choice on it, because it will be able to create a gentle, romantic and a little sexy image. There are a lot of variants of this hairstyle, so choose which one suits you more. Such a hairstyle will open your face and shoulders, so it is perfect for an evening dress that can be supplemented with long earrings.

However, such a haircut is only suitable for owners of medium length hair and long hair, and if you have short hair, you will not get the desired effect. Please note that the visual effect of asymmetric haircuts will be much more pronounced on straight, rather than wavy hair. Therefore, if you want distinct definition forms on wavy hair, straighten your hair with irons.

Advice for black curly and wavy hair owners

Owners of black curly hair can rejoice at the fact that their hair will always have the desired volume, and they do not need to resort to any cosmetic products. It has the most important thing – it highlights the natural beauty and texture of the hair.

Hairstyles for wavy hair can be decorated with a variety of accessories, as such hair looks perfect when assembled – it is easy to lay down, turn out soft and delicate lines.

If you just want to style your hair, add some foam and you’ll get wonderful curls.

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