Top African American Short Hairstyles

Black short haircuts date back to the ancient civilization where both men and women wore short hairstyles. It was easy to look after short locks, and cutting provided hair growth.

Short hairstyles for African-American hair are great because they are easier to maintain and easier to style. African-American hair is very thick by nature. Therefore, the best African-American short styles are natural haircuts, because you just need to visit your hairstylist regularly to trim it or braid your hair. Also, styling natural haircuts is easier, because all you need to do is to shampoo and condition it. Straightening damages your hair and makes it drier. So, you have to think it over before doing something radical to your hair. Straight hairstyles demand a lot of time to style it in the morning. But you get a prize at the end – a gorgeous look. Here are various hairstyles and ideas that you may like.

Pixie Cuts

Black women can choose to have this hairstyle as it looks trendy and sexy. Look at Halle Berry and Rihanna’s pixies. Aren’t they cool? This cut is produced by cropping the sides and the back quite short (sometimes very short) while the top is left longer. To have a gorgeous look it is necessary to style it properly. The front section is styled with gel or wax into separate locks.

Graduated Bob

It is an almost classical hairstyle that suits almost everybody. You can leave your hair curly or straighten it. The hair near the nape of the neck is cut short while the rest of the hair is left longer. You can have it with a bang or go without it. This hairstyle has lots of variants. It’s up to you which one to choose.

Faux Hawk

This hairstyle has lots of fans among males. But it is gaining more and more popularity among women as well. Faux hawks look cool at clubs and parties. You won’t stay unnoticed.

For a faux hawk the hair at the sides is cut into short crops and the middle band is left quite long. It is put straight up (straightening irons can be used).


They are certainly very popular African American short hairstyles. This hairstyle suits almost every black person. Different patterns can be created. It is a very painful braiding technique but all your sufferings will result into a gorgeous look.

Half Cornrows

The difference between this hairstyle and the previous one is that the cornrows are done only on the head top while the ends are left unbraided (falling down).

Short Dreads

Dreads are still very popular mostly among kids.

Relaxed Afro

It was the only option for blacks several decades ago and it is still popular now. It allows wearing your African American hair naturally. It looks like a cloud on your head. A scarf or a band will complete the look making it cool.

“Jeri Curl” Hairstyle

It is one of African American short hairstyles created by relaxing the hair. It was invented by Irish-American Jeri Redding. This style was popular among both African-American men and women in the 1980s. Various moisturizing sprays are used to make your hair stay wet and prevent it from drying.


It was very popular in the 90s. It is a style worn mostly by African-American men to straighten their hair. But it has some fans among women as well.

Press-and-Curls and Pin-Curls

The press-and-curl hairstyle popularized by Madame C.J. Walker in the 1930s is a trendy hairstyle for black women who are willing to have an amazing and glamorous look.

Pin-curly hairstyles were mostly popular among white females of the 1940s and 1950s, but they are also famous with black short-haired women.

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