Top 7 Men Short Hairstyles

If you are just a little bit interested in men’s hair fashion, you’ve probably noticed that short hair is more popular than ever. And though one may think that a short haircut is dull and plain, it is a mistaken idea. We’ll try to prove it in this article and give you a guide on men short hairstyles for 2014.

Close Shave

What is your first idea when you hear the word “short’? Lots of people would answer “close shave”. And it is correct as it is one of the most popular haircuts in 2014. It was never out of fashion. Men wearing it look brutal, aggressive and sexy. It seems like testosterone smell surrounds them which attracts women, of course. It suits sporty and military people as it doesn’t disturb them from what they do.

Total Shave

It is also a variant for active people. It is more radical than a close shave. You should remember to have a perfect skull for it. Otherwise, the impression will be spoilt. But having a total shave haircut you will certainly be noticed. Just look at some celebrities with totals. Aren’t they sexy?


Undercuts are associated with youth, glamour and challenge. This haircut has taken the leading position in the last several years and is hardly going to give it up. The general appearance as if screams “Look at me!”. And everybody looks, actually. Undercuts go in various options. You may have the upper part of your hair short, medium or very long. The sides are cut quite short (some guys like to shave them completely). You should be brave enough to have this style. Remember to visit your hairdresser often enough. Otherwise you will not have an undercut but a messy style.

Undying Classic

We should not only remember about sporty active people but also of those leading a business life style. You surely won’t allow a lawyer with an undercut mind your business. Classics are for those who can’t afford brutality and rebels in their appearance. The hair is usually neat and accurately cut. It has straight lines. Men with classic haircuts associate with dignity, style and fashion. And it surely is on the top of the charts.

Emo Haircuts

Extra ordinary and rebellious emo haircuts are still popular among young people who tend to look differently and brightly. Emo style is associated with black hair with bright strikes. The hair usually hangs over one eye creating a magnificent look. But if you prefer a more everyday appearance, it is not necessary to dye your hair, and you also can have a shorter bang.

Ashton Kutcher Haircut

Certainly, Ashton Kutcher wasn’t the one to create this hairstyle himself. But having it for a long time made people associate this cut with his name as he looked superb wearing it. Lots of young guys and middle-aged men prefer this haircut. It is also great for those having flap eras as it can help this con.


Nobody knows exactly why it is called so, but one thing is definite, lots of guys prefer to cut their hair this way nowadays. Your hair is cut shorter at the back and on the sides, while the top part is left longer creating something like a hat. One important thing is to have messy locks falling separately down. It looks as if wind has just spoilt a perfect styling and you haven’t had enough time to fix it back.

One important thing to remember about men short hairstyles is to have a consultation from your hairdresser. As what you like in celebrities may make you look funny and you will have to wear a hat until it grows out again. Hope, that our advice was helpful and you will find a haircut to suit your taste.

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