Short Stacked Bob Hairstyles

The first woman to wear a bob haircut was Joan of Arc. It symbolized freedom, braveness and courage. A French hairdresser played with his imagination inspired by Joan’s image and created a bob haircut in 1909. It became common in the 1920s. Coco Chanel wore this hairstyle, and she is the etalon of fashion and style. Coco is the name associated with chic.

Then it was Marylyn Monroe to wear a bob haircut. Marylyn was a dream girl of any man on Earth. Victoria Beckham accepted the relay race and presented an inverted bob which is extremely popular nowadays. Jessica Alba, Holly Berry, Anne Hathaway and Rihanna are just a few female fans of bobs. All of them are different and amazingly similar. Every bob is special and each of them is stylish.

But, of course, bob has its variations like inverted bob, layered bob or stacked bob. This article is about short stacked bob hairstyles.

A stacked bob is really a bob with a stack at the top and it is clear from the name itself. If you have one, you will look ultra-trendy and chic.

Why Stacked?

Can you imagine a stack? It is edgy, graded and layered. It looks as if a child cut its ends unevenly. The same happens with the technique of making a stacked bob haircut.

The back of your head looks very edgy with lots of short layers at the top cut at very steep angles. The front hair is left longer. The style is expressive and brave enough. That is why not every woman can follow the style as you should be confident enough to wear it.

But you should note that it makes you look younger as it softens your face features. It highlight your eyes and makes your neck look longer and sexy.

Any Hair Type

It works well for almost every hair type. If your hair is very thick and coarse, grades will allow your stylist to thin it out. And, otherwise, it is an ideal variant for those having fair and thin hair as grades will make a visual effect of voluminous hair.


You can do with a parting or without it. A middle parting looks worse that a side one. The style itself is very ragged and jagged so you should understand that a middle parting will look funny.

A side parting looks OK. Your locks fall down making an unforgettable look with edgy ends.

If you choose not to have a parting, brush your hair backwards and after it falls randomly, fix it that way with a hair spray.


Bangs also can be different and extremely stylish. You may cut it straight making a correct geometrical look. Or you may cut it to the side.

Generally long side bangs look OK with a stacked bob completing the appearance of a stunning girl.

Or have it falling to the sides giving your image a careless appearance. If you want to feel air through your hair, brush your bang back and feel the life as it is.

Time for Styling

If you got used to spending much time in the morning to style your hair, you will not be depressed with having a layered bob as layers need styling. Otherwise, they will not be seen and it will spoil the effect and you will just look as if you’ve just woken up. Wash your hair regularly and dry it. Women with fair hair have to learn how to dry their hair with a round brush to add volume to it. Highlights and lowlights will also help thin hair owners to make a visual effect of having more hair. Put a handful of foam onto your hair and style it properly bumping up the back of your head to highlight the grades. Fix the result with a hair spray for a long fresh look. Visit your hairdresser once a month to keep it in shape and enjoy your gorgeous hairstyle and admiring male glances!

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