Sexy Short Pixie Haircuts

Have you ever thought that pixie can be quite sex appealing and seductive? Have you ever heard men talking of women with pixies as awesome?

Many women get surprised knowing that because they consider pixie a male haircut (a childish opinion). But the female part of the humanity started driving cars, wearing trousers, doing hard work long ago – why not take their haircuts as well? Short haircuts were quite popular in Ancient Egypt both in men ad women.

It doesn’t matter what haircut you choose. It is more important how you wear it. Long wavy hair (considered the most feminine variant) can be spoiled by careless way of dressing and manners.

A short pixie with an elegant evening dress will create the atmosphere of mystery and tenderness around you. No man will stay indifferent.

Who Can Have a Pixie?

It is commonly accepted that pixie is a haircut for young girls expressing their boyish nature, trying to show their independence and active lifestyle.

But have a look at the last cinema festival or music awards show and you will be surprised at how many women over 50 appear in silk dresses with a pixie cut looking gorgeous.

Never mind whether you are 15 or 65, a short pixie haircut will suit your age. Curly, wavy or straight haired women look gorgeous with pixies. Women with thick coarse hair can opt for this style as well as women with thin and fine one.

Black pixies are as sexual as white ones.

Who Should Avoid a Pixie?

Pixies open your neck seductively and show your neck’s wrinkles as well. So, if you don’t want everybody to look at them, hide them under a neck kerchief or choose another cut style. A very short bang opens forehead. If it is very high, hide it under a longer bang. If you have a very round face, pixie won’t suit you as it will make your face even broader.

Spiky or Elegant?

There are two options to wear your short pixie haircut. The first one is to wash your hair, let it dry as it is and add a bit of gel to add a messy spiky look. Fix the spikes with a hair spray paying particular attention to the ends. A messy appearance is good for those having an active lifestyle, playing sports often enough or those wishing to reach a boyish look.

Elegancy can be reached by drying your hair with a hairdryer and ironing it smoothly.

You may fix the bang across your forehead to hide a part of your face. Shiny smooth hair style suits business ladies, ladies with a position who can’t afford looking boisterous.

Time Spent for Styling

Are you tired of getting up early in order to have an adequate look at work? Are you spending hours in the bathroom to get your hair in place? If yes, then a pixie is just a treasure for you. As it is probably the “quickest” morning hairstyle. Everything you need to do is wash it regularly and fix the spikes. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes. If you can’t afford even 10 minutes for your head in the morning, you may just brush it through and on the go! Elegant locks will take more time (as ironing is involved).

Visits to the Hairdresser

Remember to visit your hairdresser regularly to refresh and keep your style in shape. As it grows longer, you will find it difficult to style it in the morning. The spikes will be long and won’t stick out. If you make a smooth style, your locks will hang over your head like dead leaves. You will not look cool, it will look funny. You definitely don’t want that. So, you have to visit our stylist about once a month to get the best look. Consult your stylist to get the best hair products for this haircut.

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