Sexy Men Short Hairstyles

A short haircut is traditionally considered a male one. Even when a woman cuts her hair short we traditionally call it a boy’s haircut. “What can be stylish in a short haircut?” – you will ask. But believe me, there are great variants to choose from. 2013 hairstyles are not very different from those in 2012. Short haircuts are in but were they out? There is nothing more pleasing for a woman as to see a tidy, sophisticated man next to her. And though men don’t change their image as often as women do, they also need some refreshment to the image. Short haircuts now are not as plain and dry as they used to be. With styling hair products like sprays, gels, foams and wax you can style your short cut into a stylish sexy hairdo. Read on and you will not be disappointed.

Casual Short Hairstyles

They can be described as free-flowing, easy-looking, and falling into place on their own. These options of hairstyles can be worn at work, at home, or at the weekends. They include wavy and curly hairstyles, short spikes, heavy taper cuts, messy haircuts, razor-cuts, etc.

Get a spiky look. For this you need some styling gel. Spread in evenly on your palms and put it on your hair. Then make small sections of your hair. Twist them slightly. Distribute the sections in random order. Use a fan dryer to dry the hair. When finished, turn the sections of hair to the other side. Spikes give the necessary superb effect which is very sex appealing and charming.

Styling these cuts is usually very easy and takes very little time. It’s almost a rule to look as if you have just come out of the bathroom.

Artistic Short Hairstyles

The name itself points to the group of people wearing them. They are traditionally for extraordinary and extravagant men willing to express themselves. A messy appearance is something you will probably find. But it is a creative chaos which reminds us of their occupation. Asymmetric lines, long shaggy bangs, colorful locks – all of the above can be seen.

Classic Short Hairstyles

These are accepted almost by every society level and by people of any religion. They date back from 1920s and are never out of fashion. The main point is to look as if you have just come from a barber. Use gels and hairsprays to fix unruly hairs and look tidy.

Sports Short Hairstyles

Sportsmen almost never prefer long haircuts as they distract from what they do. Medium length is also hardly an option. Short haircuts are the best for any sport. They are easy to look after, don’t need visiting hairdressers often and create a stylish and free look.

Extravagant Short Hairstyles

These include emo and punk hairstyles. If you are a fan of any of these, you have several options to choose from. Colorful locks will be suitable. But remember that you won’t be taken seriously if look like this. Staring looks in the streets are provided!

There are several aspects to remember for those having men short hairstyles. If you have thick or thin hair, both can benefit from a short hairstyle. Talk to your hairstylist or barber about grading your hair. Grading will help thick and unruly hair to get shape more easily, rather than being weighed down. For thinning or fine hair grades help to create volume and liveliness, giving the look of a fuller head of hair. Finish the look by styling with a wax (for thicker hair) or gel (for finer hair). You will look tidy and stylish at the same time.

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