Pixie Haircut – a Trendy Way to Stand Out in the Crowd

Of course, short haircuts may be a usual thing for you. But maybe you have lived all your life with long hair, and now you are longing for drastic changes, but still have doubts about such a resolute step? Well, you never know until you try – so just do it! Sometimes such change helps to survive through an unpleasant period, and sometimes it just saves you from boring routine. Anyway, changing your style is a turn for the better. If you cannot bring yourself to cut your hair really short, remember that misfortune, wood and hair grow throughout the year. So if you dislike the result of the change, you can always have your long hair back. But considering all the advantages of pixie haircut you are unlikely to have such a wish.

Pixie Haircut – What Good Can It Do?

Getting rid of your long curls (braids or locks) is a really liberating thing! Freedom is what most women claim to feel after they have their hair cut short. And the way people will react seeing you with really short hair will be amazing. After the big day nobody will doubt that you are brave and daring! Furthermore, it transforms your face. It really does, and in a greater degree than you can even imagine. Of course, you need a good stylist to make the change positive. But with a proper pixie haircut you will see a new woman in the mirror – and you will love her!

It is also a way to change your whole style without spending money on clothes. All your girlie dresses and shirts will look much more gamine with your hair cut short. In general, you will look more stylish. Maybe short hair contributes to this impression showing that you are conscious about your style. And yes, it does require consciousness as you will have to visit the hairdresser more frequently. On the other hand, your everyday life will become much easier, as washing your hair will be less time consuming. And in spite of having it cut often, you will save a considerable amount of money on your hair. Just estimate the amount of shampoo and other hair care products you need for long hair and compare it with those for short hair. It is the same with hair dye. And, by the way, with pixie hairstyle you will be free to toy around with various hair colors: if you don’t like the color, you will get rid of it in a month.

Ways to Style Your Pixie Hair

For decades this style has been relegated to the background, due to the stereotypical beliefs that men prefer longhaired women, short hair isn’t feminine and so on and so forth. But now it is gaining popularity again.

Pixie haircut may be of various shapes, and as it is maintained at least once a month and it gives ample opportunities for experiments. Some strands of your hair may be left longer than others to create your own unique style. And one more thing: your hair will be much healthier, first, because frequent cutting is really good for it, second, because a blow dryer damages hair, and short hair will easily dry naturally.

For God’s sake, don’t think that pixie hair is not feminine or that it is boring! Yes, maybe long hair provides a little more opportunities for creativity (what is doubtful actually), but skills are necessary for it, while the easiest style for pixie hair – “wash and wear style” – requires minimum proficiency and time.

Here are the most popular pixie hair styles worn by celebrities:

  • Neat and tidy. For this style you just comb your hair, straighten it if required and fix it with any suitable hairstyling product.

Michelle Williams looks both cute and elegant with her hair styled this way.
Michelle Williams Pixie Haircuts

  • Chic. Here pixie hair is styled closely to the scalp. To do it apply some firm gel to the root of damp hair to achieve flat shape, and then create a side part. Smooth the hair with a brush. For a really radiant look add some shine hairspray.

Emma Watson is splendid with this side-parted hairdo.

Emma Watson Pixie Haircuts

  • Disheveled. This may have many varieties. Washing your hair and then forgetting to comb it is not the only way to create it. Apply some thickening product to bump up flat roots, add some straightener along the hair, and finish with some pomade, making your hair spike up. You may make all your hair stand up, or straighten only a part of it, the front, for example, or direct your hair in different ways, creating your own beautiful mess. But always consider you face shape while doing it. Long face plus hair standing straight up is not the best combination.

Angela Bassett’s thoughtfully messy hair is charming.

Angela Bassetts Pixie Haircuts

  • Curly. If your hair curls naturally, just let it curl. Use styling products for curly and wavy hair and finger your hair into the desired shape.

Admirable Rihanna wears her hair like this, taking advantage of her natural curls.

Rihanna Pixie Haircuts

  • Pompadour. If you want to look really elegant and feminine, try this hairstyle. Apply some mousse and root-boosting spray to wet hair. Blow dry all your hair away from your face, work out the desired pompadour with a medium round brush and your fingers. In the end fix your hair with holding hairspray.

Carey Mulligan looks extremely glamorous with this hairstyle.

Carey Mulligan Pixie Haircuts

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