Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women: For Women with Strong Personality Only

If you don’t know how exactly to stand out in order to present yourself in the most extravagant way, there’s one easy method that will surely help you achieve this goal almost effortlessly – a hairstyle change. There’re so many hairstyles women may choose from, each having its unique history and message that your head starts swimming. It’s just the matter of taste. But if you don’t know what hairstyle to choose, and you’re not afraid of changing your hairstyle drastically, then you are welcome to try any of the mohawk styles.

Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women: What Does This Hairstyle Mean?

Mohawk hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles among African American women. It took its name from the Native Americans, called ‘Kanienkehaka’, who got their ‘Mohawk’ (‘man-eaters’) name from their enemies due to the type of haircut of the former: men used to shave hair only on the sides, leaving a hair strip down the center of their heads. The modern Mohawk version and its variations are much of the same pattern.

Today, it’s a unique hairstyle that sends a powerful message to the world, and there’re so many different techniques and styles in which you can get a Mohawk. But what does this type of hairstyle mean? The Mohawk itself is not just beautiful, but rather breathtaking, and it was designed for true fighters. It’s a very powerful stand out, especially for starters, but if you want to show your confidence, decisiveness and independency, then Mohawk styles are exactly what you need. Could you ever imagine that mohawk hairstyles for black women mean that much? Wondering how a modern Mohawk hairstyle looks like and how it can be stylized? Let’s take a deeper look!

Mohawk Hairstyles: Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls

Experimenting with Mohawks is easy, because this attention-grabbing hairstyle has so many variations to try for different hair lengths and textures. It’s a no-boundaries hairstyle that is open for experiments: you can either braid or shave the hair sides, straight your hair with a chemical relaxer or leave it in its natural curly condition. It’s all up to you. Here are the most common Mohawk variations:

  • braided mohawk hairstyles: most beneficial achieved through placing or braiding cornrows establishing on your head base and performing on the top in all sides. This hairstyle will make you look both cute and attractive;

  • mohawk ponytail hairstyles: it’s an illusion of a mohawk without necessarily shaving the head’s sides, but rather pulling them tightly to lay flat against the head with the hair on top being teased. Works perfectly after your hair is freshly washed, conditioned, blown dry and straightened with a flat iron;

  • small mohawk hairstyles: both sides of you hair are braided flat against the scalp using unique patterns and designs created with very small thin braids. The hair center strip is left out to add your hairstyle a Mohawk look. It’s one of the best hairstyles for black girls, but it can be worn by both men and women;

  • short mohawk hairstyles: it’s a variety of a spiky Mohawk, where you can choose between either pomade or gel (for a harder hold) to create spikes that stand up all over the head. The stripe, back and sides are cut (not shaved) to the shortest possible by using electric clippers;
  • long mohawk hairstyles: the most flattering and popular hairstyle for women with longer hair, because they can easily wear this style by experimenting with hair ornaments and feathers in order to embellish the overall look;

  • African mohawk hairstyles: this trendy hairstyle is achieved on natural hair. The sides of the head are cut or shaved very close to the scalp, and the center strip is kept long (down the center of the head);
  • African American mohawk hairstyles: not commonly associated with Afro-American hairstyles earlier, Mohawk is becoming more and more popular among African Americans. Taking into account that African American hair has a different texture (extra textured hair), it has to be cut and picked in a way that would keep the Mohawk shaped in a right way.

Types of Mohawks: Experiment with No Boundaries

Though Mohawk could be short in hair, it’s undoubtedly not short on design, making this stylish and pleasurable twist rich on many types that include the following:

  • Faux-Hawk Hairstyle (Halle Berry, Rihanna, Pink, Willow Smith). The most common and popular type of Mohawk. The hair has to be 3-4 inches long to be molded together in order to form a spiky fan look, with the sides either shaved off or not. It’s the common hairstyle of the British football superstar David Beckham.
  • Dreadhawk Hairstyle. Dreadhawk requires the hair to be very long, because it needs to be either matted coiled or dreadlocked and tied like a ponytail. The front part of the head and the sides are shaved.
  • Fanhawk Hairstyle. It’s a pointy strands hairstyle with the hair molded into strands, either concentrated on a certain spot or spread out, that point upwards. Due to the style’s rebel-like look, it’s the most common hairstyle of punk and rock stars.
  • Rayhawk Hairstyle. This is a not very popular Mohawk hairstyle, according to which the middle part of the hair, which, if compared to the sides of the head, is relatively longer, is shaved.
  • Liberty-spike Hairstyle. Though this Mohawk style is the most unique out of the all abovementioned styled, it requires a lot of maintenance. Besides, unlike the Fanhawk, it needs the spikes to be both very long and strong enough.

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