Medium Haircuts for Men

Short, almost shaved heads look rude and rough and such haircuts don’t suit a modern guy. Longer, or let’s call it medium-length hair gives us a great range of haircuts. It can be styled differently concerning the mood and events.

Even if you are a conservative person, you’ve probably at least once thought of having a medium haircut. And it is not surprising. More and more celebrities choose this hair length and win our hearts with their looks. Here are some photos of the last shows:

As you can see medium haircuts are very popular. If you still hesitate, there are several advantages to have a medium haircut:

  1. You will look glamorous like a star.

  2. 2. If you are flap-eared, this haircut will hide your con.

  3. 3. If your hair is thinning, a graded medium haircut will help you add volume to your style.

  4. 4. If you are curly, then this haircut will express your image even better.

So, what are the varieties of medium haircuts for men?


This hairstyle gained popularity at the beginning of the last century and is still winning women’s hearts. This image will add mystery to your general appearance and you will certainly be a star of any party.

Women like men with accurate and tidy hair. So, if you want to look good, don’t forget to wash your hair often enough to keep its original view.

But bob can also be different. You may choose a haircut with a bang. This bang can be straight or asymmetric.

If your forehead is very high, a bang will help to visually decrease your face.

For those with correct face features there is a range of bobs without bangs. You may brush your hair back and use some spray or gel to fix it like this.

If you like parts, you may have a side part or a middle part. Parts look business-like and can be good for conservative people.

Curly hair looks good in a bob. It creates a boyish look and you’ll be very popular with women with your curly locks.

Long Locks at the Back

It is a half-medium, half-short haircut because your back locks are left long and sides and top are quite short. Mothers often choose this haircut for their little sons. But there are some celebrities preferring this image.

It looks boisterous and teenage-like. So, it is not good for an elderly or a middle-aged person.


To look decent and business-like you may have a pony tail. It will add confidence to your image.


Braids are in trend and there are not only braids for long-haired black men. Middle-length is OK. More and more men choose this haircut as it allows looking tidy for a long time.

It doesn’t need brushing. The only thing you have to remember is to put a silk scarf on your head before going to bed to keep its original view. Wash your braids regularly and you’ll look stunning for a couple of months.

Straight medium-length hair

It is popular with hippies. They usually wear it very untidy and it doesn’t look presentable. If you take care of your image, it will look stylish and trendy like this:

Brad Pitt hairstyle

The secret of this hairstyle is that a long bang is neither brushed back nor aside but it is put up a little fixing separate locks with gel or hairspray. The locks are formed all around the head and are put in a messy way.

Whichever medium haircut you choose, it needs styling. It is easier for men with wavy or curly thick hair. They don’t have to make lots of effort, they just have to control its tidiness and cleanness. If a man’s hair is straight and thin, he’ll have to fix it properly. Nothing too difficult, he will just need to use some hair products like gels, mousse or spray and create an image he likes!

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