Long Haircuts for Men 2014

Long hair is traditionally associated with women. They look after it carefully, visit hairdressers, use shampoos, conditioners and other hair products to look superb. Men have to enjoy short cuts… Is it fair?

Men as well can boast of long locks no worse than women. Men’s hair is hoarser and thicker than women’s by nature. So, long thick locks look cool and natural. If you are tired of simply falling hair, you can tie it in a ponytail. Ponytails can create a business like style easily in no time. It is also OK for those leading an active or sporty lifestyle as long locks falling over your eyes may distract you from what you are doing. You can also have braids or dreads from time to time for a change.

Many women consider it sexy when a man has long hair no matter whether it is curly, wavy or straight. Staight hair is shiny, wavy and curly attract with liveliness. But remember that no woman will like greasy dirty hair. Remember to wash it regularly, brush and use conditioner. Special hair products for caring after hair ends like liquid crystals will also help. Long hair needs more time spent in the bathroom. Aren’t scared? Read on.

Never mind which style you choose, take care of your hair properly. And now here are some options for you to choose from. All of them are stylish and cool and if you are still hesitating if a long haircut is suitable for a strong part of humanity, we are sure you’ll change your mind after seeing how many men have chosen it.

Just look at how cool and sexy long black staright hair looks, making your appearance even more attractive and vulnerable.

Those preferring an emo style can opt from long hair variations as well. A bang falling over your eyes will do its job.

Long wavy locks are undeniably sexy. Men with long curls seem to breathe testosterone making women sigh.

Very curly hair will look the coolest jumping while walking making your image lively and fresh. It seems like air walks through these curls. But choose special hair products to take care of your curls as they lose water very quickly and can look dull without proper care.

A middle part will look OK on blond thin hair if you use some hair foam to add volume.

When you get tired of falling hair, change it into thick braids. In spite of the fact that it looks neat and taken care of, it gives you a wild impression and makes you even more desirable.

Grades also look good making your hair fall in gentle steps like waves. It is soft to touch, feeling lively and fresh. It is a good option for those having thin hair as it adds volume and air to your appearance.

This variant is also easy for home styling. Just part your hair into two parts in the middle and tuck it behind your ears. This option is also OK for a corporative image.

This variant is also acceptable for an office as well as for a private party. Brush your hair back, fix it with a spray and hit the road.

A bang falling freely to the sides is very attractive creating a boyish appearance.

Edgy cutting makes you look  tougher.

Get a rebellious look with sticking out locks.

When you are tired of long locks, you can always change them into a short cut. But look at the variety of going long: braids, dreads, pony-tails, short bangs, grades, steps, curls, waves, partings… Are you sure you want to have a buzz? With today’s variety of hair products it is not difficult to look after your hair. Just visit you a hairdresser regularly to refresh the style and be sure that no woman will stay indifferent!

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