Latest Men’s Short Hairstyles

Now it is fashionable for men to have a masculine appearance. This style is coming with 2014 to replace the image of metrosexuals. But this does not mean that all men should maximally shorten the hair at the temples, and have a house on top of the hair. Personal hair stylist will help you choose a suitable hairstyle, certainly, taking into account all wishes of the client. Selection of grooming should be made in accordance with the style of service, inner feelings and social status. If the haircut is very fashionable and actual, this does not mean that it will fit perfectly the image of any man. Representatives of the strong half of the world choose the fashion trends in 2014 with the release of energy and masculinity.

Classic Haircuts

Classic haircuts hardly vary from season to season. They exert influence on global fashion trends. Haircut in a classic style can have long bangs giving its owners strength and courage.

Sporty Haircuts

Popular ones are sporty haircuts. Not very long bangs combed back are important this season. These hairstyles are stylish, trendy, a little careless, convey the idea of ​​transition from metro sexuality. Haircuts of a sporty type are longer than in the style of military haircuts.

Creative Haircuts

Creative latest men’s short hairstyles differ from each other very much, so they are creative!

Romantic Style

Men’s hairstyles in the romantic style of today remain at the peak of popularity. Hair length is increased in these haircuts to medium that allows you to make bangs oblique or straight. Even a short haircut looks romantic with long bangs.


Short haircuts with bangs combed back have become a hit. Creativity and originality are the main figures in the fashion images of the last season.


The most prominent representatives of the 2014 men’s haircuts are asymmetrical. They can be formed on hair of any length. Very impressive ones are short hairstyles with bangs, which hang on the face.

Model Haircuts

Model haircuts primarily involve creativity and manifestation of creative imagination. Hair shortening process is significantly different from the standard.

Italian Hairstyles

The sides are cut short, and from parietal to bang the hair is lengthened. Strands get a sloppy form due to tapering. This gives the image of originality and masculinity. If you are an owner of unruly and soft hair, you will have to style it every day with a hair dryer and fixing products. Perfectly, this hairstyle looks hard. Long strands are usually combed on the side or lifted up. If you experiment a bit before the mirror, choosing a suitable method of styling, you can create a unique image that will add confidence and attract the attention of the beautiful half of humanity.

Canadian Haircut

The basis of Canadians is volume in the area of ​​the crown and forehead. Characteristic smooth transitions give shearing accuracy and elegance. Besides, you will not have to spend much time on styling. But masters recommend using the locking means when you create a new style.
It is possible to comb long strands sideways and get a classic hairstyle. And you can fix your hair with wax or gel, giving the image of style and creativity.
Canadian will look perfect on smooth and hard hair. And owners of curly locks can make it spectacular and courageous. A significant advantage of this hairstyle is that it is suitable for men of any age.

Tennis Haircut

Every successful man must look perfect. After all, well-groomed appearance is always respected. One of the best ways to emphasize the individuality and style of haircut is tennis. Its main features are smooth from strands in the parietal area. The new image is obtained manly and modern. And one more important fact is that tennis does not require careful maintenance. It is just enough to moisten hair with water.

Tennis Haircut
Men’s haircuts with shaved temples

Recently men’s haircuts with shaved temples were considered daring. But today there is an interest in everything that is connected with the past and these are considered simply trendy hairstyles.

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