Inverted Bob Hairstyles

If you’ve come to the page, then you are interested or you’ve already decided to have one. It is not a super new hairstyle which has recently appeared on the horizon. But really it was on the stage long ago but wasn’t paid much attention to. It was created in 1909 by a French hairdresser who was inspired by Joan of Arc. Then it became quite popular in the 1920s. Everything changed when Victoria Beckham (the former member of Spice Girls) made it popular.

It became a symbol of style and glamour and still it is.

Style and Image

Bobs symbolize a free and sporty person having an active attitude to life. It seems air walks through your hair. Women with inverted bob hairstyles look confident and fashionable at the same time.

There are a lot of options for bob haircuts but the inverted one has been in the center of attention for quite a long time. Certainly it is not ultra-new, but it is changing, transforming, creating new colors.

It attracts young, middle-aged and elderly women. You can have it with a bang or go without it, a side parting is actual as well as a middle one. You can have a long, middle-length or short bob.

Each of them will look nice.

Grades and Layers

If you think a bob looks the same on any woman’s head, you are mistaken. Surely the main lines are done in a similar way. As layers and grades are always done according to the client’s and stylist’s tastes and mood, you won’t have a haircut identical to someone else’s. Firstly, because it is difficult to make the same grade again. Secondly, because hair texture and length don’t allow to do so.

Layers also help the hairdresser to add air and volume to your hair (a treasure for thinning hair). Or thin it out a little if necessary. They also correct the face oval making it look wider or thinner. Inverted bob haircuts can go in different lengths with the only rule that hair is cut longer in front and gets smoothly shorter at the back.

Sometimes the difference between front and back locks can be very big. Maybe that’s what makes bobs so stylish. This hairstyle opens your neck seductively and frames your face beautifully.

Smooth or Messy

Inverted bob looks elegant and business like. Preparing for a business lunch? Then the smooth option will create a working atmosphere and you will feel confident.

Having a party? Choose a messy variant. Take some mousse and style your hair in a messy way. After that fix the masterpiece with hair spray to complete the look. The important thing to remember is to fix the ends.

If you brush your hair to the side, it will add style and sex appeal to the image.

Hair Products

If you really want to have a glamorous look, you should follow several rules. First, your hair must be clean and shiny. To reach this goal, wash your hair regularly and use hair conditioners. If your hair is wavy or curly, you can only reach the target using irons to straighten your disobedient locks. Otherwise, your cut will not look like a bob at all. You should also keep to a healthy diet to have healthy shiny hair.


It is mesmerizing to watch a woman with a trendy inverted bob hairstyle. But have you ever thought of how much time did it take to get that look? Probably not. If you decided to have an inverted bob, get ready to look after it properly. You can’t just wake up, brush your hair and go. You will need at least half an hour in the morning to style it. Shampoos, conditioners, sprays and irons are the minimum products you must get with the new hairstyle. But remember, beauty knows no pain.

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