Inverted Bob – a Style for Everybody

This hairstyle is perfect for any hair texture, age and lifestyle. It consists of asymmetric cuts with longer hair in the front and shorter tresses at the back. It adds to your attractiveness and sexiness, highlighting the neckline and optically lengthening the neck. This hairstyle is particularly feminine and has many variations, so you can easily choose the one that will suit you perfectly.

Let’s Flush the Terms out

Sometimes this style is also called an A-line bob, but actually these bob hairstyles are slightly different. Yes, both these haircuts are longer in the front and shorter at the back. But a proper A-line has no layers or stacking at the back; it frames the face in the front and curls under the chin. An inverted bob has stacked layers at the back (that is why another term for it is a graduated bob) and its back is not a hard angle, it is more curved. The front hair is generally shorter than that of an A-line haircut.

The Hairstyle That Can Please Everybody

This hairstyle was invented in 1920th, though at that time it was much simpler than now: always symmetrical and with blunt edges. Now it is given a new lease of life, mostly due to ultra-stylish Victoria Beckham who has made an inverted bob her trademark hairstyle.

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob Hairstyles
As it has been said, it has variations for any face. Add some length to the front tresses – and a round-shaped face will look oval. Add some volume with curls or extra layers – and make your long face even more charming. Hard angles will be of a piece with clean-cut facial features and curvy shape will do you good if your features are mild.

As it is a short bob, you may feel free to toy around with it, trying various shapes – if you dislike the result of an experiment, you will not need much time to correct it. The same is with trying different hair coloring. Long-haired beauties can never be so trifling with their hair. But anyway remember the general rules, for example, if you want to add highlights and have an oval face, vertical lines will make your face look even longer. Try only those things which are likely to do you good.

In any way, to shape or form it is a relatively law-maintenance hairdo. To make it look awesome you should just follow the routine hair care rules, as it will suffice for a well-groomed appearance. But, of course, you may also style the layers to create your own stunning look. Don’t be afraid of any experiments with styling, try various hair-settings, and among them you will find those making your look especially chic and stylish. Use different hair-setting products, such as a mousse to add support and better texture to your hair and a shine hairspray to enhance the overall look.

Many Faces of Inverted Bob

Yes, this haircut runs in all shapes. For example, it may be exaggerated asymmetric. But be careful with it: asymmetric hair must be trimmed and styled especially carefully, otherwise it can create an impression that the asymmetry results from the hairdresser’s half-hearted work. But a well-groomed asymmetrical bob can be really mind-blowing. Keri Hilson who is an early adapter of an inverted bob hairstyle trend looks gorgeous wearing this chic haircut.

Keri Hilson Inverted Bob

If you want to add a funky touch to your appearance, an inverted bob with bangs is a proper style for you. Designedly unkempt razor-edged bob with messy fringe bangs will leave nobody untouched. One more advantage of it is that nobody will notice if your hair is blown around in the wind or frizzy in the humidity, because messy hair is exactly what you mean. If you want to enjoy all these advantages, just follow Dianna Agron’s example and indulge in some mess.

Messy Bob Hairstyle

A fringe may also add spice to your style. A blunt short one will make you look chic and cute. It is no wonder that Katie Holmes wore such a hairstyle more than once.

Katie Holmes Inverted Bob Hairstyles
A thin fringe may be used to cover your forehead if you think that it is too wide or that your face is too long. A side fringe is a trendy thing too, and is often worn by celebrities, by splendid Rihanna, for example.

Rihanna Bob Hairstyles

The fringe may be secured to one side with hair pins, or it may be swept to the side and cut short at the top and longer on the side. You may also tease it and secure your hair the way you like using clips or hair pins.

An inverted bob may have layers not only at the back, but also at front and around the face. Perfectly combined long and short layers make your hair easy to style and add volume to. If you want even more volume, this haircut is easy to tease. And one more thing: with shorter layers your hair will be lighter.

If you have curly hair, this hairstyle is also perfect for you. And your best choice is a layered bob. First, it is easy to maintain, and second, it will make your hair healthier, as short top layers will prevent the bottom hair from puffing out.

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