Hot Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces

People try different hairstyles and look for those which do not demand much care. Black women usually choose short haircuts. If it seems that there are no haircuts to match the African American hair texture, you are mistaken. If you decided to have a short haircut and you are oval-faced, you’ll be impressed by the variety of cuts for you. Think them over, concerning your face oval, and you’ll have a breath-taking look.

Black hair is special because it has specific texture. Short hair will perfectly match African American hair type. You can either maintain your natural black hair texture or choose straightening. Ranging from a short buzz to the bob hairstyle, you’ll find the hairdo that will brighten your personality brilliantly.

Celebrities show off a range of dazzling examples of how a short haircut can be stylish and trendy. And looking at them walking confidently on the red carpets it’s difficult to hesitate that mini tresses look just as feminine as cascading curls.
The key to success is in choosing the right short hairstyle for your face shape. Here are some popular and seductive short hairstyles for oval faces.

Buzz Cut

Your face oval has to be almost perfect. Buzzes are not really taboo haircuts in case of black women. Due to the specific, harder and denser texture of the hair, they pull off this hairdo perfectly. Really, celebrities are also mesmerized by the charm of displaying facial features and choose to go short.
This hairstyle has endless advantages being an ultra-short style and it won’t require much time when shaping.
Those who have the courage to wear this style should learn the tricks of the celebrities when wearing the right clothes to match haircut.

Pixie Cut

Pixies are favorite hairstyles of those black women who would like to have short haircuts. Indeed, it does not only express the beautiful facial features, but also gives volume. It suits perfectly both harsh and thin hair textures. You should use just a little bit of gel or wax to accentuate tips and asymmetrical layers. Black women often choose trendy pixies as they offer them a chance to keep the shape for a long time without devoting extra hours to their maintenance. A pixie haircut will emphasize your face oval brightening its shape.

Razor Cut Hairstyles with Long Bangs

These are top short hairstyles for oval faces of the season. They can be either curly or super-sleek. Black hair will have a dazzling look when styled this way. It is important to choose the ideal length. African American hair will have volume and natural shining. Razor cut haircuts are characterized by fine lines and sophisticated angles which can be best expressed on sleek strands. But if you have curly hair, don’t keep away from this hairstyle. Long curly bangs will make you look sensual and sexual.

Short Bob

If you have curly hair, you can cut it in a short bob, or let it frame your face in curls. A curly bob will make you look sensual and romantic. If you prefer to straighten your locks, then the best option for you is to have an inverse bob with a heavy front bang. If you want to have your locks dancing, style your hair outwards.


A short hairstyle with a jagged bang will make you look cool and fashionable. It is a good idea for oval-faced young girls. If you are brave enough to look that stylish, you are to choose this variant. It will certainly add brightness and spice to your image. You won’t be unnoticed.

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