Hairstyles for Fat Faces: Choose the One That Becomes You

“There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones” formidable Coco Chanel said. So to be beautiful you should work at your appearance thoroughly and consciously, and every little detail matters here. Hairstyle is extremely important, as it influences your appearance drastically. And while choosing it you must take into account the shape of your face.

Hairstyles for Fat Faces: Which Is Right and Which Is Wrong?

What hairstyle if preferred for round face? The answer coming to mind at once is: “The one that makes the face look slimmer”. But please don’t start choosing your hairstyle with the mantra “I have a plump face so I must choose a hairstyle that will make it look thinner”. There are no strict rules when dealing with appearance, and what is good for others may be a taboo for you. A hairdo must be chosen to fit not only your facial features, but also your overall style and even lifestyle. For example, your friend is quite jowly. But it is her small secret, as she has long hair overwhelming the face so that nobody notices its round shape. You want to have a perfect face too but your style is gamine, even boyish. Do you have to grow long hair, change all your clothes and even your manner of walking? Of course not! You can easily choose one of the short or middle length hairstyles for fat faces which will be perfect for you.

The only interdiction here is a blunt bang. No matter how trendy it is, avoid it! It draws a line across your face, making it both shorter and wider – definitely not the result you are longing for.

Take Your Cue From the Celebrities

Consider the experience of the celebrities whose hairstyle is perfect for their round face – and the hair length doesn’t matter!

Ginnifer Goodwin is one of the round-faced women who manage to look gorgeous with really short hair. She doesn’t try to hide her face behind her hair, and her quite lean body allows her to wear this hairstyle and look harmonically. If you like your jawline and feel that you have nothing to hide, just cut your hair short and never think back!


And one more of Giniffer’s secrets is that she always keeps a tress of hair in front of her ear, not tucking it back. It visually cuts off the circle and makes you think that her face width stops where this tress starts. This trick will work with any hair length.

Cameron Diaz belongs to the women who wear bob with a round face and do it really skillfully. A side bang and layered hair make up the best combination for a round face!


For long-haired women many different variants of hairstyle are possible. For example, Emma Stone’s flowing hairstyle makes her look gorgeous, especially when complemented with a beautiful smile. File this combination away in your mind!


Another long-haired beauty – Mila Kunis – wears her strands properly draping down the shoulders or straightened. She is not trying to hide behind her hair, she just lets her tresses trail around her face and make it look longer.


With any hair length, a side part is an efficient way to distract attention from the round shape of your face. If your hairdo is asymmetrical in this way, people can’t estimate the proportions of your face properly – so they just don’t notice that your face has almost equal length and width. Formidable Adele knows this secret well and makes use of it.


Also try experiments with color. Some natural highlights will do good for your appearance. First, they will brighten your face, thus making it look younger and slimmer. Second, vertical stripes draw the eye up and down – again making the face appear thinner.

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