Emo Hairstyles for Black Girls

What does emo mean? It is a short form of the word “emotional”. Emo deals with the style of fashion and music influenced by punk and rock that has moments of melodrama and longing. Emo girls even draw tears on their face to add drama to the image. Emo hair has a range of various hairstyles, and black and white hair colors are the preferred ones. These hair colors are suitable for a range of impressive emo styles.

Girls go mad about emo haircuts. They try to convince their parents to let them make one. They do it copying their favorite rock idols sporting emo style and sing melancholy songs.

The main characteristics of any emo hairstyle are very irregular cuts and bright stripes. The necessary attribute of the style is a sad look which can be reached by having a short black bob, a boy cut, a really long blonde haircut, unusual fringes or bangs hanging over the eyes. You may finish it with a few colorful spikes, ruffles or streaks which will complete the look. If your hair is black, you may add a white or a cherry spike to your image.

An emo hairstyle describes its wearer’s personality. That is why there are so many options and variants of them and it is quite difficult to name them correctly because all the emo girls put something personal into her image. But we’ve tried to put all emo hairstyles into three main categories.

Long Choppy Layers

Layers are a stamp of emo hairstyles and long layered cuts are widespread in girls and look rather dramatic with raven black or milky white hair. Make a base layer of hair the longest one. It sometimes can be very long. Shorter, very choppy layers are left on the top creating harder and thicker layers around the face. Bangs are the major part of emo hairstyles. Diagonal bangs sweep across the forehead and fall over the eyes giving a mysterious look as if hiding from the crowd.

Short Choppy Styles

Short choppy haircuts are both for boys and girls. Black is one of the most popular colors. It is created almost as long choppy layers but the difference is that there are no long layers. A stylist usually brushes hair forward first and cuts it this way. Hairdressers cut hair to the nape of the neck shorter, and then make thicker layers and asymmetrical bangs. The final result is very extraordinary and dramatic. You’ll be noticed.

Shoulder Length Shag

This extremely edgy hairstyle reminds shag and is particularly suitable for African American hair colors because it expresses the face dramatically. This dramatic effect is only reached with black hair. If you dye it any other color, you won’t have the same effect. Hair is brushed forward and cut in edgy, sharp asymmetric cuts. Bangs which are usually present in emo hairstyles for girls do not cover half of the face but stay razor sharp.

The best side of an emo hairstyle is that it is not necessary to go to your stylist. You can easily get a haircut at home with a pair of scissors. The more irregular result you get, the better. It can be done by you, by your friend or a baby brother. It is usually cut longer in front hiding half of your face. Or you can razor it at the back and get a spiky look. As soon as you have spiky and shaggy hair, you are the owner of an emo hairstyle. Emo hairstyles for girls are now not only eye-catching but sexy as well. You can dye your hair bright white in contrast to your black skin to get a more dramatic look. Use hair gel or a glue to make your style straight in front. And remember the more unusual and weird you look the better for you.

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