Curly Hairstyles for Men

While the owners of straight hair make curls and braided pigtails, lucky owners of curls damn genetics and fight with unbrushable locks to make them a little straighter. And if girls know how to deal with the curls making them look sexy and trendy, guys shave them to zero or wear a bushy ponytail. The most advanced ones wear dreadlocks. So can the owners of half of mankind demonstrate their curls without suffering a complex – it’s ugly and I look like a girl? Or is it their eternal fate to suffer and put their head under the razor and dreadlocks?

Men’s hairstyles for curly hair usually cannot count many models, but some of the options will be presented in the photos.

The curls are not very common among men; the most common are curly and wavy hair. Due to the texture, there is an illusion of a lot of hair. Best of all, the curls look great on long and medium length hair. The main problem for men with curly hair is that it is not easy to style, but these hairstyles are always playful and sexy.

Of course, to cope with unruly and undisciplined curls making men’s hairstyles for curly hair is hard, but just this kind of hair makes it easy to hide flaws. It should be remembered that visually curly hair grows slowly, but this is only a visual illusion, because it grows in the same way as other types.

In most cases, short hairstyles for curly hair are less winning, because this hair is bushy and barely hold its shape. The exception is tight curl or continuous application of styling, as in the photo.

If you are ready, feel free to make short men’s hairstyles for curly hair. Curly men give their preference to short hair; quite a few of them show the beauty of the hair.

Haircuts for these curls can be very short. And if we apply modern styling, you can create an elegant artistic mess even with a small length of hair.


The same should be said about the fact that a win-win for curly hair looks such haircuts as quads and bobs.

This allows making fashionable men’s hairstyles for curly hair, for example, graduation at the back and long curls at the forehead, or an asymmetrical bob.

Bangs can be done only if the hair is obedient, otherwise, there is a risk to constantly suffer from the fact that it does not want to take a predetermined shape. And you will spend loads of time fixing it over and over again.
Long hair looks great with a cutting speed in the lower third of the length that forms a beautiful bottom. No less interesting ones are long curly hairstyles for men – a cascade and a ladder. A ladder is especially good when it’s done from the jawline. Then the back of the head remains lush that visibly improves the shape of the head. If you wish the roots of the hair at the crown and the crown can be put up, visually creating volume .

Using styling you will not suffer in the morning, smoothing unruly hair. It is enough to squeeze a small amount of styling on the palm and spread it over the entire length of the curls.
For wavy hair care professionals recommend a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Then unruly curls will be softer and will not be electrified. Because under the influence of electrification hair becomes similar to the dandelion.
Combing the curls is necessary only when they are wet. Therefore, they will not get the right amount, which will not beautify your hair. Comb hair gently, using a comb with rare teeth.

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