Curly Hairstyles for Black Women: Advantages and… More Advantages

African American women are blessed with curls. Though they often think that it is not a blessing but a curse and tend to straighten their hair. If you recognize yourself in this phrase, you should remember one thing: while you are longing for straight hair, women with straight hair are longing for curls. So what you really should do is to make the most of your curly locks.

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women: Trendy and Comfortable

But curly hairstyles for women are not easy to take care of, especially when your hair is long. In this case even brushing your hair becomes a challenge. So if you want to look cute with minimum efforts, the best thing to do is to cut your hair short. It will make your life considerably easier, especially in summer, when long hair makes you hot and just gets out of control because of humidity. And this summer short hair is not a necessity but a trend, as short hair cuts are in fashion. And another good news is that short hairstyles are very easy to take care of. You can check it yourself if you try some of the following short curly black hairstyles.

Bob Haircut: Diversity and Comfort

One of the best short cut hairstyles for black women is a bob. Are you surprised because you have always thought that a bob is a haircut for straight hair? Well… You were wrong. The opinion (or let’s rather call it a superstition – a belief not based on reason) that bob and curls can’t go together rises from the fact that at first curly hair tends to grow wide and then down. But properly styled bob and curls can become a mind-blowing combination.

There are many ways to tame your hair in order to have a nice-looking bob. The easiest and quickest of them is to clip your hair with barrettes or bobby pins. Otherwise you may apply hold gel to achieve the “wet-hair” effect. Or you may follow Rihanna’s example: her trendy and stylish asymmetrical bob has short cropped back and lengthy curly bangs left loose. It looks completely natural and chick at the same time!

If you want to look cute, unusual and creative, it is great to combine straight locks and curls in the bob. For example, straighten your fringe but leave the rest of your hair as it is. This mixture will really impress everyone who sees it. And if fleshed out with some outstanding accessory, it will be a real knock-out.

Really Short & Really Trendy

Short hair for black women is a good choice too. Here we mean very short hair. It may look really chic, but if combined with plain formal clothes it will make an impression of neat and tidy hairstyle. It is very easy to take care of. If you have time and mood for that, you may style it with hair setting gel. If you are in a hurry, just leave it as it is: it will still look gorgeous. Malinda Williams had her hair cut in that way. And, in her opinion, the best thing about this haircut is that you are free in making any experiments with your hair: if you dye it and understand that the results are far from beautiful, after one month (or even less) all the colored hair will be cut off. So short hair black women have wide opportunities for experimental creativity.

Kelis has her curly hair cropped short, too. And she is not afraid of experiments with color. She has added flair to her appearance by dying a rectangular patch of her hair blond and emphasizing it with the fitting accessories. You may follow her example if you are venturous enough!

Exaggerated Naturality for Fun and Beauty

Exaggerating your curls you may achieve marvelous results. Tanika Ray, for example, has her hair extremely, crazily curly. And her springy curls excite envy in thousands of women. Though she admits that she has had enough bad hair days before achieving satisfactory results, now her hair style is one of the most remarkable among the short styles for black women.

You can style short hair in dozens of unique ways to make it look really cool. And the bonus of curly short hairstyles for black women is that you don’t need to add any volume to your hair; it just puts up naturally.

Turning Natural…

Maybe you have had your hair relaxed and now you feel inspired for transition to natural hair and are eager to try one of the black short curly hairstyles? Unfortunately, there is no way you can turn the permed hair back to its natural state. So your options are to live with the permed hair on the ages of natural hair, or just to cut it off and turn over a fresh leaf. Whatever you choose, do not regret your decision, enjoy your hair as it is and take proper care of it, especially during the transition.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember: your curls are a great advantage, and most women only dream of such hair. So don’t put limits to your creativity, cut and set your hair as you want, and the most important rule is: enjoy your beautiful curls! They are a real blessing! Of course, sometimes they may be straightened with a flat iron, but only for a change and only sometimes.

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