Curly Bob – a Hairstyle to Emphasize Your

A bob is one of the most popular hairstyles. It has been in fashion for almost a century. But is straight hair of the classical bob the only way to wear this hairstyle? Of course not! Curls and bob are not mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite: for women with curly or wavy hair a properly chosen bob haircut is a perfect way to make your curls manageable. And for women with straight hair a curly bob is a great option for evenings out and special occasions, or just for a change.

Many curly-haired beauties worry that if their hair will be short, it will be harder to straighten it. Maybe it’s true in some degree (though “harder” does not mean “impossible”). But on the other hand, it will be much easier to be yourself and impress the world with the beauty of your curls, so go for it!

How to Enjoy Your Naturally Curly Bob: Tips and Advice

  • Don’t make it a point to have a neat look. Curly hair always tends to be a bit of a mess. Remember: natural-looking and a little messy hairstyles are trendy!
  • Don’t forget about hair styling products. Always apply curl defending mousse to your hair after washing: it will make your curls look tidier.
  • Forget about any limitations: a fringe or bangs will add spice to your style, and they will be not a quarter as hard to manage as it seems.
  • The variety of accessories looking good with curly hair is much wider than of those matching straight hair. So you will always have a choice while decorating your bob!

Naturally Curly Beauties Wearing Bob Haircut

If you aren’t convinced that curls and bob fit together perfectly, look at these celebrities who wear their curly tresses bobbed. It would do well to learn from them!

Miley Cyrus gives a wonderful example how to style naturally curly bob in a chic and sophisticated way.
Miley Cyrus Curly Bob Hairstyles
This look is genuine, and that makes it especially charming. The hairdo depends on the hair volume. So at first apply a curl defending mousse and use duck bill clips to clip up your roots. You should use at least five clips, but anyway you won’t have too much, so don’t worry. Dry your hair with a help of a diffuser, and when it is dry, make sure that your curls are curly enough. If some of them look unformed, adjust them with a curling iron. But apply it for no longer than five seconds for each lock, and use the lowest heat setting – remember that you are aiming at a totally natural look. And don’t curl more than several tresses. Finish your style with shiny hairspray.

Here is one more simple yet beautiful way to wear natural curls from Kylie Minogue.

Kylie Minogue Curly Bob Hairstyles
To get this look just apply some structuring lotion to your dump hair. Protect the hair volume with duck bill clips, blow-dry your hair with a help of a diffuser, and finish the style with a hairspray.

Curl It Up!

If you are definitely jealous of curls-owners and are eager to wear curly bob hairstyle, but your hair is totally straight, don’t be alarmed, because your problem is very easy to solve! Just look at these straight-haired celebs wearing stunning curly bob hair and follow their example.

Milla Jovovich looks really amazing with this wavy bob hairstyle.

Milla Jovovich Curly Bob Hairstyles
To get such a look you need to curl a lot but not all of your hair. Use a straightener or a large curling iron to curl what you have to curl. To get a perfectly messy bob, follow the scheme: curl one large section, leave one small section curl-free. However, you should apply a heat-protect spray on all of your hair, so that all its sections have the same texture. Work your way around your head, and once you are done, run your fingers through your hair to mix and mess up the curls and curl-free tresses. If naturally your hair is absolutely straight, make the “uncurled” locks a bit wavy with the help of curling tools, but draw it mild! To finish the style, fix your hair with a hairspray.

Jessica Stroup’s tousled curls of a chin-length bob are trendy and outstanding.

Jessica Stroup Curly Bob Hairstyles
For this cute look your hair also needs volume – so at first apply a volumizing agent to it, and blow dry your hair flipping it upside down to add more volume. Curl your hair with a curling iron, leaving out the edges to get an extraordinary tousled style. Pin up each of the curls to hold the shape, and after they cool take them down and finish the tousled hair setting according to your taste. Finish with a strong-hold hairspray.

Retro waves are a perfect way to style your bob for a night out, or just if you feel especially romantically-minded. Katharine McPhee looks chic and gorgeous with such a hairstyle.

Katharine McPhee Curly Bob Hairstyles

You can easily get this style too! First, part your hair above the ear on one side of your head, and bring the rest of your hair over to the other side. Use a curling iron to curl the edges of your hair outward, then use your fingers to shape them in a perfect way. Make sure that the hair on top of your head is perfectly straight and flat. Finish your look with a hairspray.

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