Black Wedding Hairstyles

Black hair is special that is why there is a special attitude to black women wedding hairstyles. Let’s look at the problem from the hair texture first.

Straight Hair Styles

Black women who straighten or press their hair straight can have updos ranging from simple to complicate. French twists, high buns and half-updos are the styles for straight hair. When creating a wedding day style, you want it to keep its original shape all day; so use bobby pins and hairspray to fix the style.


Something you have to remember when making wedding hairstyles for black women is to place some gel around your hairline to smooth hairs and brush back before styling an updo.

Curly Hair Styles

Natural black hair varies from wavy to curly. So, what can we do with such hair? You can create the same updos as you do on straight hair, though it takes longer hours.


Your natural curls would add extra mystery and romance to your image.


Braids with extensions are difficult to make and it takes lots of hours. So, you have to think about doing it beforehand. If you have individual braids, twist them into a French twist and fix with plenty of pins. You can also have Goddess braids, which are thick braids put into an elegant updo.

Cornrows which are pulled up and accented with a curly topknot will look good.

So, what are the top black hairstyles for weddings?


Curly hair can be OK when it comes to creating an updo because many updo styles are meant to be done on curly hair. A classic updo style looks magnificent on black women as it opens your neck. The hair is taken away from the face, so it shows off facial features. You will even look great without any make-up. The result is a gorgeous and gentle bride! There is a problem only to remember that black hair tends to lose moisture during the day. So, you have to cope with it before your particular day. Nowadays there are some superb hair products that are specially designed for black women.

Updo wedding hairstyle is neat and classy.
To create it the hair is taken from the nape of the neck so that it forms a straight line. The rest of the hair needs to be put up towards the top of the head. The hair has to be separated into sections and ironed. Once the hair is all in place, a hair spray or gel will fix the arrangement in place. The simplest updo hairstyle for Afro American women is to brush the hair back to create a ponytail. Then the hair needs to be twisted till it is secure and pinned to the head. The top section of the hair should be allowed to fall freely over the clipping pins.

High Bun

There are some classic black wedding hairstyles that are tested by time, and a high, elegant bun, (it is sometimes called a “ballerina bun”) is no exception. This style takes only a few minutes to create with a few styling tools, and you will be admired at your special day.

So, how to make bun hairstyles for black women?

First brush your hair and remove any tangles. Start with straight locks for this style or curl the hair for extra volume. Flip your hair forward and gather it into a high pony tail at the top. Use an elastic band to fix the hair. Teasing the ponytail adds extra volume to the bun and creates a puffy look. Twist the hair and wind it around the tail’s base. Use pins to keep the ponytail until you create a bun. Use hair spray over the bun and the whole style to keep it in its original shape and prevent flyaway hairs.

French Twists

French twist hairstyles are one of the most popular black wedding hairstyles. These hairstyles are also very simple and there are a few basic and common steps which have to be followed to get perfect French hairstyles.


First brush your hair and remove all the knots to get your hair smooth. Comb it to the back from your forehead and gather it slightly to the left as if tying a pony tail.

Now, hold it in the form of a pony tail about 4 inches from the ends and twist it to the right until you form a coiled bun. Fix it tightly with pins and a hair spray hiding the ends under the bun. You may want to use some accessories to make it festive.

These are basic black wedding hairstyles but long curly hair is popular too.

Or you may just let your curls of medium length fall freely

or you may fix them up with a wedding band.

It is important to remember that a hairstyle is chosen according to your image and dress. Don’t pay attention to the length of your hair; a good stylist will certainly prolong it and you will look gorgeous. Whatever style you choose remember it is as unique as you are!

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