Black Curly Hairstyles from Celebrities for You!

Curly hair looks lovely and attractive, making a woman look sexy and intriguing. It fits black women most as it accompanies their usually dark eyes and chocolate skin. Many women pay big money to have curls slightly similar to the ones most black women are gifted by nature. However, having curly hair is not enough as you should choose the hairstyle fitting you the most. Let’s take a closer look at curly hairstyles for black women.

If you are born curly, you are used to being in the centre of attention as many people want to befriend an attractive woman with curly hair. This is proven by the fact curly black hairstyles of celebrities are popular throughout the country and many girls wish to have the same medium curls Rihanna has, or the same long majestic curls Beyoncé Knowles demonstrates regularly.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Black Women

Rihanna varies her hair from short to medium, but her curls are always attractive and make her look young and sweet. By just nodding or shaking head she forms a whirlwind of playful, naughty and uncontrollable curls. Many men and women stated she reminded them about energy, storm and tornado – mostly due to her medium length curly hairstyles.

Rihanna Shoulder Length Hairstyles Medium

However, she can be absolutely gorgeous with long curls.

Rihhana Long Curly Hairstyles

How do you get these? It is relatively easy and can be done in your bath with nearly no expenses. The main ingredient is moisturizing gel. Curls like moisture, so the more oil and water you put on your head, the more will be adopted by the hair.

Do not forget about the vitamins though, as your skin and hair need nutrition from the inside, not only applicable chemical stimulation. The use of curlpapers is also welcomed in case your hair is not curly itself. If it is, simple using the comb to make an order may force your hair to curl.

Try to avoid applying too much gel and do not use hair spray excessively, otherwise, instead of soft and tender curls flying around the head your efforts will result in hair looking dirty and sticky, and do we want that? Surely not!

However, the exact quantity of the moisturizer can be found only in the experimental way. Therefore, do not be afraid of experiments and simply wash excessive gel off your head if it seems not needed. As a result you will have the same black women curly hairstyles Rihanna demonstrates regularly.

Rihanna Curly Hairstyles

Beyoncé Knowles Definitely Has One of the Best Black Women Long Hairstyles

Whenever one sees Beyoncé’s photos, her long and beautiful hair is always catching attention. Throughout the recent years she was blonde and brown, black or even somewhat ginger with the same result – being absolutely adorable!

Having a hairstyle like Beyoncé requires a lot of nerve, patience and efforts, but that is exactly the reason for having it. Beyoncé Knowles is a living icon of style and a very popular example for black women long hairstyles. Professional barbers adore such hairstyles as it takes a plenty of time and, therefore, costs quite a sum.

However, it can be done at home with the help of simple moisturizer and curlpapers. Just make sure you apply them only for the half of the hair length. If you wish to color your hair, this should be done prior to curling it. The color should be on for at least 1 day to dry completely and avoid interaction with the moisturizing gel.

Here is the procedure as follows:

  • wash your head with nutritive shampoo,
  • divide your hair into a multitude of curls of nearly equal size and volume,
  • apply curling moisturizer to the wet hair,
  • swirl each curl separately to apply gel equally and pin them up to avoid sticking,
  • roll each strand separately in a paper to avoid sticking.
  • let it dry afterwards in the open air or using the hairdryer,
  • when the hair dries, curls are ready. Do not use the comb, just dishevel each strand separately,
  • apply some hair spray to create volume and fixation.


Beyoncé Curly Hairstyles

Any hairstyle may be applied once the hair is completely dry; you may form a crown or let them rest on your shoulders like Beyoncé does. Having long curly hair makes a woman look younger and hotter, more attractive and seductive, more romantic and intriguing – and isn’t it the goal we are after?

Your hair will look fascinating with these curly hairstyles for black women.

Do not be afraid of experiments! Each woman is unique, exceptional and extraordinary. Express yourself, find your own hair style and maybe in some time women will want to have the hairstyle like yours!

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