5 Popular Men’s Short Haircuts

If you are short haired and you are willing to have a stylish look, you have come to the right page. Go and choose the most desired style from latest trends. Do not follow any of them blindly but decide what may suit your face cut perfectly. Go and take a piece of advice from your hairdresser. The more you think it over, the better result you’ll get.


Dandy short haircut allows you to have a classy and voguish hair design. Use some gel or wax to preserve the sleek texture of your hairdo. This haircut dates back from the first half of the century between the world wars showing well-groomed men.

And it is in again. It is romantic, a little longer than before. It will look perfect for about a month after your visit to the barber after which you will have to use a conditioner to keep it in order. Towel dry your hair before using a leave-in conditioner for a languid look.

Modern Buzz

Buzz took its name from the sound clippers produce while working. It goes in different lengths. Some people like having only their sides buzzed, others prefer to do it all. Military and sports people usually choose it.

It takes the first place in A-list of men’s short haircuts as it is modern and easy to look after. It is in style for a long time no matter what style is the most popular at the very moment. It is cool for summer and late spring. You can just dry your hair with a towel after washing and let it dry in a matter of minutes. No gels or hairsprays are needed. Your head will always look tidy and neat.

Stylish Undercut

It is a good choice if you would like to stand out from the crowd.

You will be noticed! It came back from 1920s and 1960s thanks to many celebrities who promote this haircut. It is great for sophisticated men but be careful with your hair type. Consult your barber, he will advise you to make your top longer or shorter… The best look is when the back looks slicked but it is not the only option. The longer the top is, the better you look. Here are some celebs’ photos representing this haircut.

Non-aging Classic

It really has no age. You can look something up in the encyclopedia and come across this haircut and be surprised to see that the picture dates back several decades ago.

And it is still popular among men of business, sports people, politicians, etc. Why is it so? The answer is quite simple. Because of its simple and neat looks. Wherever you appear, either at the meting or at the theatre, you will look decent.

Trendy Canadian

Many people are surprised when hearing the name of this haircut. What is a Canadian haircut? It is a short variant with long bangs when the locks are cut graded often falling over your forehead. Many celebrities use this short haircut now and then.

It is quite tiresome to look after because it will look cool if you spend some time in the bathroom styling it properly. You can style your bang to one side using hair product. Or you can brush it forward giving yourself an artistic look. Don’t forget to visit your barber often enough to keep it in order, otherwise, you will look messy.

Whichever short haircut you choose don’t forget to wear clothes and accessories according to it. Women like tidy and well-groomed men. Therefore, hair products, shampoos and conditioners are your friends from now on. Dry your hair with a towel or with a fan and style it as you prefer. Beauty needs sacrifices – don’t forget about it and you will be rewarded with lots of female admiring glances!

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