40 Hottest Short Wavy Hairstyles 2012-2013

Women will never come to an agreement over the question whether curls are a blessing or a curse. While straight-haired beauties spend hours curling their tresses, women with curls take great pains to straighten or even chemically relax wavy locks.

Yes, curls are beautiful and sexy, but managing them may be a rather challenging task. And to make the matter worse many women do not dare to cut their curly hair short. Short hair is harder to straighten than long tresses, and there is a stereotype that short curls are almost unmanageable. But the truth is that they are actually self-styling and very little effort is required to set them. Though your curls will always be a bit of a mess. Curly hair cannot be perfectly neat, so just accept it.

Experiment and Improve Yourself

If you want to have a rest from managing the rebel curls, just go short. Really short. Such hairstyle will not look gamine as you may suspect. On the contrary, it will make you especially feminine and elegant, and your hair maintenance will be reduced to washing the hair and waiting for several minutes till it gets dry. While your locks grow, you may try different hair colors and different styles. Asymmetry, combinations of shorter and longer tresses, side and zig-zag parts – all of these can do you good if styled properly. Keep up with all the fashion trends and ask for hairstylist’s advice every time before changing your hairdo.
Of course, for a stunning look your hair needs to be healthy and well-groomed. Remember that curly hair tends to be dry and brittle, so the right shampoo and conditioners are necessary. And styling cream and serum are required for neat and tidy no-frizz curls.
Maybe you have straight hair but long for curls, and it stops you from going short? Never believe that it is impossible to curl short hair! Using the right techniques you will get proper curls even if your tresses are a few centimeters long. Hair rollers or pins will do where a curling iron has no place.
Short curly hair may be set in a myriad of styles. So if you have natural curls, just make most of them, and if you hair is straight, curl it up and enjoy!

Short Wavy Hairstyles to Fit Every Taste

blond hair color
Together with the blond hair color this wavy romantic hairstyle makes a basic bob look really retro and sophisticated.
messy hairstyle
This tousled and messy style is a perfect way to make a shorter haircut extremely attractive, genuine and flirty.
Naturally curly hairstyles
Naturally curly and really short hair makes up a perfect face frame creating a chic and cute look perfect for any occasion.

layered hair
These layered waves are a perfect way to create enormous volume. A layered haircut will also make your natural curls much easier to manage.

naturally wavy tresses

These loose waves look totally genuine yet stylish – a perfect “quick and easy” option for naturally wavy tresses.

having naturally curly hair
This haircut is perfect for those having naturally curly hair, as it requires a minimal amount of time and styling products for maintenance.

special hairstyle

This simple yet special hairstyle, elegant and sophisticated but creating a fun and flirty look is perfectly combined with colored tresses.

soft short curls
The soft short curls look perfectly genuine and trendy, adding elegance and glamour to your style. And asymmetry is in trend!

short haircuts
This style with hair dramatically parted to the side shows how elegant and feminine really short haircuts can be.

romantic wavy tresses

These sophisticated and romantic wavy tresses are reminiscent of 1920s fashion. But they are still trendy, hot and sexy!

combination of soft waves
This combination of soft waves at the back and straight highlighted tresses at the front is really mind-blowing!

curls are swept to one side

Here the curls are swept to one side and pinned to the side of the head to create an attractive casual hairstyle.

curly messy hair

A long straight side fringe adds spice to curly messy hair, and sticking out hair edges look cute and fun.

controlled chaos hairstyles
This “controlled chaos” hairstyle is perfect for women with curly hair texture. Here the wispy hair will make your look elegant and romantic.

afro-look with extra volume
Maybe not many women have tried this afro-look with extra volume. But those who do definitely have all the trumps in hand!

Wash and wear
This messy “wash-and-wear” look does not require much styling but looks really elegant and attractive, perfectly framing the face.

Wild hairstyles
This full and wild hairstyle will definitely add spice to your appearance, and bouncy curls will make your style cute and flirty.
voluminous curls
You may as well enjoy your voluminous curls as they are, adding some cute accessories to enhance their beauty.
Asymmetrical haircuts
Asymmetrical haircuts are perfect for curly hair. With such hair texture you are unlikely to get a totally neat look – so enhance the mess with asymmetry!
cute curly bob
A simple and cute curly bob is a safe bet for any occasion – classic never goes out of fashion and is good with any style.
Curly side swept Hairstyles
Curly side-swept bangs will do good too. This edgy look is chick and sophisticated, and the bangs add even more volume to it!

face framed with cute curls
Wearing the front part of your hair up is a lovely way to open up your face framed with cute curls.
bob looks extremely
This messy curly bob looks extremely romantic and beautiful. A perfect option if you are longing for more and more volume.
tousled voluminous curls
These tousled voluminous curls are a perfect way to let your hair go wild staying glamorous and sophisticated at the same time.
bob hairstyle
This bob hairstyle with a side part looks really mind-blowing! The combination of sleek top part and curly ages is definitely worth putting on notice.

asymmetrically styled curls
These asymmetrically styled curls look stunning! Only sky is the limit to your creativity here, so don’t be afraid of experiments.

short wavy bob
A zig-zag part is also an astonishing way to add spice to your short wavy bob. And here the part does not need to be neat and perfect!

curly hairstyle
Add some shine with a shiny hairspray to make your curly hairstyle even more glamorous.


curls hair
Teasing your curls and sweeping them up and back is a way to show your hair in all its glory and open up your beautiful face.

messy waves hair
These messy waves with a tousled fringe look really cute. And this style is easy to get, as perfection is not required!

messy hairstyle will enhance your cuteness
This messy hairstyle will enhance your cuteness, sexiness and attractiveness with a modicum of effort.

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With really short hair you don’t need to worry that your locks are not tidy enough – they are doomed to look neat even being a bit shaggy.

retro-chic hairstyle

This retro-chic hairstyle with side part and heavy wave on one side of your head is amazing for special events or if you are in a romantic mood.

Cutting hair short
Cutting your unruly hair short and just letting it go wild may be a wonderful solution. But hair care products for curly hair are required for this stunning look.

tight curls
Really tight curls may be set into a perfect classical evening hairdo. Sophisticated, elegant and chic – quite the thing!
Retro elegance cute curls
Retro elegance of these cute curls is perfect for any occasion.

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