25 Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Many African American women choose to keep their hair short. It is an easy way to manage the rebel hair, plus short hairstyles are really sexy, cute and extremely feminine. And sometimes such “big chop” is simply inevitable. For example, during the transition from chemically relaxed to naturally curly hair going really short is a better solution than living with relaxed hair at the edges of natural tresses.

Keep Calm and Change Your Style

No matter why you come to a decision on cutting short, be sure that this change is positive. Your new hair will require less maintenance, and maybe your styling routine will be cut down to a couple of minutes. Needless to say, new hair will be much healthier, and all the split ends will fall into oblivion.

With a short hairstyle it is easy to look neat. It doesn’t have so many unruly curls, thus there is little chance that something will stick out in a totally awkward manner. And without a need to check your hairstyle every five minutes you will strike as a more confident woman. But don’t let your guard down! Don’t forget about the hair beauty routine: keep your hair conditioned and moisturized, and remember that short haircuts tend to lose their shape quickly as the hair grows. So regular trimming is obligatory.

Be New, Stay Beautiful

Contrary to a common misconception short hair provides wide opportunities for creativity. Long tresses usually just go down, and you decide to set them only on solemn occasion or if you happen to have plenty of free time. But you are free to toy around with your short hair whenever you want it – in several minutes you may sweep your hair to one side or pull it back, and if you don’t like the result, it is easy to put the clock back.

And if you hear somebody say that short hair is not feminine enough or has too few styling options – they just do not know chalk from cheese! There are really many short hairstyles for black beauties. So you are doomed to choose something that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. And without doubt all of them are sexy and attractive enough. See the hairstyles below and check this out for yourself!

Short Hairstyles for Black Women: Choose the Best for You!

This edgy hairdo is a really funky way to style your hair. To get it have your hair buzz cut on one side and straighten the tresses on the other side.

This hairstyle is a perfect way to manage curly hair with minimum effort – and besides, it is totally feminine and elegant.

This pixie hairdo with sticking out tresses is a really fun and cute way to style short black hair. Just apply some mousse and set your hair as you want.

A straight short bob with asymmetrical tresses and a highlighted fringe looks really mind-blowing.

This short and feminine hairstyle is totally hot and sexy as it optically lengthens the neck and highlights the neckline.

Don’t struggle against unruly curls. Try to cut your tresses short and just let them curl – you will definitely like the cute result!

Spiked pixie hairdo is always a trend, and it looks awesome together with bright colored tresses!

A mohawk hairstyle is a wonderful way to express your personality. It is trendy and eccentric and provides a stylish opportunity to stay out of the crowd.

You don’t necessarily have to shave the side hair to turn mohawk, it may just be braided into cornrows. Colored edges add spice to the style!

A classic short bob is universal, and it may suit any lifestyle, being perfect for a day at the office as well as for special occasions.

A layered bob is also a wonderful option. The tresses of various lengths may be combined in a perfect manner to create a stunning look.

Lightening up your locks is also a wonderful idea. Being blond is always a trend, and this color is good with any hairstyle.

This hairdo containing no curls, layers or flips is very accurate. A perfect choice if you want to look neat and sophisticated!

A short curly bob may provide a dolled up or even formal look, and the head covered with cute curls is doomed to attract everyone’s attention.

This combination of creatively set dreadlocks and outstanding hair color is a really mind-blowing way to express your personality.

An asymmetric curly bob is an outstanding and creative hairstyle, definitely enhancing your beauty and sexiness.

This pixie cut of an unusual edgy shape is a perfect way to take advantage of afro-textured hair, so don’t miss it!

This sleek and neat haircut will make you look chic and sophisticated, and it is perfect for the “office-day” as well as for an evening out.

You can’t have too much volume. Adding some more curls to your natural texture you may get really awesome results!

Try parting your hair at the side and sweeping all your curls over one side of your head for asymmetry and even more volume.

A shoulder length bob with a heavy bang is trendy and hot, yet simple, and it outlines your face dramatically. Add some shine for more glamour!

Go really short – and you will feel free and ready for any experiments with your hair color!

A bob haircut with cute curls around your face will make you look sweet and pretty yet glamorous and sexy.

Try to combine your unruly tresses with a really outstanding and eccentric hair color – the results may be really stunning!

This style is wonderful, cute and attractive. Here the key is not having it too styled and structured. Just have fun and enjoy it!

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