20 Best Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

As new season comes every girl looks in the mirror with the desire to change something in her style. Some ladies will go shopping to add one more trendy pair of shoes to the collections in their wardrobes but the bravest ones will visit the hairdresser’s to have a completely new haircut.  “Forever young” are the words that can perfectly characterize short hairstyles. So if you are not afraid of radical changes in your image, then short hairdo is just the thing you need.

Bob short hairstyles for fine hair

Sometimes girls fear that short haircut won’t fit them. Although it can be true for some extremely short hairstyles, bob or cascade can make pretty any girl. Stylists usually recommend trying bob for those, who are eager to experiment but aren’t ready for pixie.

It is a really universal haircut that looks charming on any type of hair, so no wonder that bob takes the lead in the list of the most actual hairstyles and thanks to Victoria Beckham and Rihanna it will never lose its popularity.

Stylists offer lots of different variants of short hairstyles for fine hair. Locks in front can be longer to make it look more vivid. A short hairstyle that bares neck and shoulders adds some playful spirit to the look. You may also choose a classical straight variant with fringe.

Parting hair in one side or in the middle can correct the form of your face, making it more round or oval. Bob can change your look amazingly. Romantic big waves, funny curls, strict laconic styling – all these looks can be achieved with one simple bob.


Pageboy short hairstyles for fine hair

Pageboy cut looks like bob but it is usually more soft and round.

Hair length may vary from middle long to very short. It gained popularity in the last century and can be still seen on fashionable shows. The cut will look the most attractive on thick straight hair so if yours is thin, you’d better try some other short hairstyle.

  Pageboy cut doesn’t need much time for styling, usually hair ends are curled inside or just left straight. You can also curl the ends outside to gain a romantic look. If you chose a pageboy cut, don’t forget to visit hairdresser’s every three weeks because only sharp straight outline will make it look effective.

Mirey Matie and Milla Jovovich tried this short hairstyle and they looked gorgeous.

Cascade short hairstyles for fine hair

Cascade haircut will obviously give volume to the thin hair.

Short hair on the top gradually changes into longer locks. Like bob cascade short hairstyle for fine hair can correct the form of the face and has a great variety of types. For example, if your face is long, you should have a fringe, and if it’s full and round, you’d better not.

Cascades can be soft and smooth or strictly geometrical or with turned effect.

Some may say that cascade doesn’t fit for sparse hair but it’s not quite true. Hair layers of different length makes your short hairdo more vivid and airy. A lot of women chose cascade hairstyle because it doesn’t need any styling at all. If done professionally, a cascade needs to be dried with the hairdryer after washing and that’s all.

Pixie short hairstyles for fine hair

Pixie haircut is associated with Twiggy.

Extremely short and boyish it still looks very sexy on thin girls with big eyes. This short hairdo puts an emphasis on your face so your mascara should be perfect.

Stylists say that pixie is the best choice for thin fragile hair. Thanks to celebrities it will never go out of trend. Pixie makes women look younger and gives young girls a playful image.

A short haircut is the choice of active ladies because one can style pixie in different ways with little effort. Short pixie may be strictly straight or curled.

Asymmetric short hairstyles for fine hair

For girls who are not afraid to experiment, asymmetric short hairstyles give such an opportunity.  They are the most popular with young ladies who prefer original style. But it doesn’t mean that ladies over forty can’t do it because it really gives them a younger and more modern look.

You can make it even more effective if you color longer locks bright.

An asymmetric haircut can have a rather aggressive look if the temples are shaved. But at the same time it can be romantic.

Thanks to asymmetric grades your hairdo may be different every day. Short asymmetric hairstyle can be based on bob or pixie and usually goes with sloped fringe.

Short hairstyles for ladies gained popularity in the first decade of the twentieth century but they will never go out of fashion. For girls who don’t enjoy spending hours in the attempt to style long hair in the morning, who prefer active life and want to experiment with their image, short hairstyles for fine hair are just the way out. So be always in trend with your short hairdo.

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